touching the limits

Record and Upload

Touch records timecode stamped MP3 files and uploads them via a standard Wi-Fi connection

Big and bold

Large outboard touch-screen display with an expanded home screen and simple navigation

Be Scene

Easily input, view and share metadata to everyone on set via MovieSlate®
action shot

Nomad Touch expands the functionality and features of your Nomad 12 with a touch screen interface designed for use in the sound bag. New ZaxHub integration allows you to use your Nomad Touch along with your FP-8 or Mix-8 and RX-12.

Features include:
-Expanded metering
-Simple access to menus and matrices
-Cross points and metadata entry
-Visual timecode slate with metadata
-Full function playback controller for simultaneous audio playback while recording
-MovieSlate® Wi-Fi interface for direct sharing of metadata
-MP3 transcription recorder with timecode and metadata writes directly to microSD card for instant client delivery
-MP3 file transfer directly from Nomad Touch via standard Wi-Fi connection via e-mail or FTP

The Nomad Touch package includes an interface cable and software that can be installed on any tablet or computer that is running Windows 8.1.

We highly recommend either the WinBook TW700 or WinBook TW800 since they have the ports and connectors necessary to take full advantage of Nomad Touch’s features.  If you’d like to choose a different tablet, below is a list of features to consider:

-2 x USB ports, or a USB port and a charging port for simultaneous operation and charging
-SD or MicroSD slot for immediate transfer of MP3 audio files to a physical card to hand off
-Audio input jack for recording MP3 files, you’ll need this to input the audio
-Audio output Jack to use the Nomad Touch playback feature
-WiFi capable / Internet ready to upload MP3 files

The ZaxHub requires the use of interconnecting cables between devices and any off the shelf USB hub, please see user manual for details.



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