Zaxcom GUI Bridge (ZGB)
Zaxcom GUI Bridge (ZGB)


The Zaxcom GUI Bridge (ZGB) is an all-in-one networking interface that provides set up and control of Zaxcom compatible devices.

ZGB Connections

ZGB can connect to the following devices:

• RX-8D


ZGB is designed to be plug-and-play with all software built-in.

Steps to Connect
1. Power the ZGB using the included power supply or a USB-C compatible power source.

2. Connect the compatible device to the ZGB using the required cable.

3. Access the ZGB interface menu through a wired LAN/WAN or WiFi connection. To open the interface menu use a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a web browser. Type in the ZGB web address to gain access.

If a smartphone, tablet, or computer is unavailable, the ZGB interface menu can be accessed by connecting a USB mouse and or keyboard along with a HDMI capable monitor. For convenience, if a keyboard is not connected, an on-screen keyboard will appear on selected fields.

The default settings are:
•SSID: Zax
•PASSWORD: zaxcom2023

4. Once connected, enter http//zaxcom.local into the web browser to access the software.