The TRXLA5 is a wide-band bodypack transmitter that runs on two AA batteries. It’s lightweight and durable, housed in a high-strength, impact-resistant nylon polymer casing. This transmitter design has remained popular because of the convenience of AA batteries and the 100 mW power output. This new model takes advantage of Blocks 20 – 26, where legal, and supports 5 Volt microphones.

Microphone Connectivity

The TRXLA5 has a 3-pin micro LEMO connector that supports 5-volt lavalier microphones

Encrypted Audio

The TRXLA5 transmits using 100% digital modulation allowing audio to be fully encrypted. Digital encryption is the only way to keep all audio transmission private. A digital transmission also provides audio quality superior to analog systems.


NeverClip™ is available in all modes on the TRXLA5. It works by utilizing two A-D converters to extend the dynamic range of the transmitter to 126 dB, so there’s never any limiter distortion.

TRXLA5 Card SlotSimultaneously transmits and records

Internal Recording

Audio is simultaneously transmitted and recorded to a removable microSD card using the highly reliable MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format). MARF ensures file corruption never happens if a battery dies or someone accidentaly removes a card too early.


LA5 is equipped with ZaxNet™, a long-range remote-control system allowing the user to change the frequency, pre-amp gain, sleep mode, and place the internal recorder in the record, playback, and stop modes – all without ever needing to disturb talent.

The units can also replay audio via a timecode reference, giving production sound mixers the ability to replay and remix audio, creating a virtual multi-track playback and re-record system

ZaxNet™ QC Audio

The LA5 also sends a Quality Control audio signal over ZaxNet™ so when micing someone you don’t have to go to the cart to hear how it sounds. You can use an ERX to listen to the mic right on the spot.

Modulation Choices for your Environment

The range will always vary depending on your environment, but you’ve got choices to optimize transmission for peak performance. Zaxcom High Density modulation (ZHD) increases the number of available channels from 4 to 9 for every 1 MHz of spectrum space, perfect for reflective environments like busy city streets. XR gives you the maximum distance in less dense / more controlled spaces.


The LA5 runs for over 10 hours on two Lithium AA batteries. Run times on Alkaline and NiMH with vary based on what you’re using.

MHz Bands and Power Output

In the United States, the LA5 runs in the frequencies and power outputs as follows:
512.0 to 607.9 (up to 100mW)
614.1 to 615.9 (20mW)
653.1 to 662.9 (20mW)

Globally, the LA5 runs between 512.0 – 698.0 MHz

Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless Transmitters are protected under patent #’s: 7,711,443 & 7,929,902

Specifications are subject to change without notice.