Intelligent Design

The RX-12 is a one stop, 6 slot, receiver solution for your bag or cart. It can receive audio from up to 24 separate transmitters. It contains a 35 MHz tracking front end filter to eliminate interference from unwanted RF, an RF amplifier, and antenna and power distribution. It is the smallest 24 channel radio mic receiver system in the world.



RX-12 can output 12 channels of analog audio or 24 channels of AES digital audio at -35dB mic level, -10dB consumer level, or 0dB line level on 6 x TA5 connectors. The serial loop USB connector is for connecting to an IFB200, Nova or Nomad to share the ZaxNet remote control feature, and there’s an RF loop through for additional antenna distribution.


Channel Count

The RX-12 receives up to TWENTY FOUR channels of audio from TWENTY FOUR separate transmitters when loaded with 6 x MRX414 slot-in receiver modules.

Powerful Reception

The RX-12 has an automatic tracking front end filter, so you can receive on any frequency in any block from 20 through 26 (512-698MHz) with impressive range. Here’s how that works – the filter allows signals within the 35 MHz tunable window into the receiver while blocking the interfering high-level signals outside this window. The nerds call this desensing. We let the good stuff in (your radio mic transmitters) and we keep the bad stuff out (walkie talkies, the follow focus, etc.). Think of it like the bouncer outside a nightclub.

rF Amplification

The RX-12’s built-in MicPlexer gives you an additional 6dB of RF amplification and both antenna and power distribution for up to 6 Zaxcom MRX214, MRX414 or QRX212 slot-in receiver modules.

Depending on which modules and which mode you can receive as follows:

Receiver ModuleSingle Mode (True Diversity)Dual Mode (Antenna Diversity)
MRX41412 Transmitters Received24 Transmitters Received
MRX2146 Transmitters Received12 Transmitters Received
QRX2126 Transmitters Received12 Transmitters Received

The MRX214, MRX414 and QRX212 modules are hot swappable and can be added or removed in any combination at any time, making the RX-12 ideal for rental companies where receiver requirements can change on a daily basis.

Encryption and Compatibility

The RX-12 receives a 100% digital signal that is fully encrypted and is compatible with all Zaxcom modulations and transmitters.

Intuitive User Interface

A bright, full-color LCD displays the menu while a built-in frequency scanner and Auto-Pick software eliminates the guesswork and can coordinate and choose the best frequencies with a push of a button.

Advanced Features

Using ZaxNet™, when paired with an IFB200, Nova, Nomad, or Deva 24, the RX-12 can re-freq transmitters to match the RX-12 with a touch of a button. The built-in frequency scanner and Auto-Pick software scans the RF spectrum chooses the best receiver frequencies, and remotely re-freqs transmitters to match. This combo also lets you make quick and easy transmitter gain adjustments.