Mix-16 is a full-featured intuitive control surface with 16 motorized, touch-sensitive faders on 5 active banks, for up to X assignable fader channels. It provides direct access to all recording and mixing controls including hardware trim controls, transport control, dedicated PFL keys, routing control, and more! It fits into a 19″ (48 cm) rack-mount to integrate perfectly with production sound carts and audio cabinets.

A standard USB 2.0 cable connects the Mix-16 to the Deva 24, Nomad or Nova.



Paired with Deva 24, the system delivers 24 track recording that can be controlled by 16 motorized faders in five banks found on the Mix-16. Any combination of input channels on Deva 24 can be assigned to any of the five banks using any combination of analog or digital inputs.  This provides sound recordists with an integrated recording and mixing solution capable of solving a variety of workflows.

Each fader has a bright LED input meter and an input trim located at the top of the console with mix tracks one and two featuring two LED meters. The Mix-16 is equipped with a pre fader listen (PFL) monitoring system that allows you to listen to channel audio before the fader is closed.

Advanced Features

Mix-16 has the ability to control the ZaxNet remote control function of the host recorder. Preamp gain adjustments can be sent directly to Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless transmitters from the input control pots on the control surface during a live recording.

GUI Interface

When using the GUI you gain instant access and editing of metadata via touch screen or keyboard, expanded metering, simple access to menus and matrices, cross points, and metadata entry, and a visual timecode slate with metadata.

Please note, in order to use the Touch Screen (or regular computer) interface you’ll need something to run the software GUI on, for now, there’s a version for Windows and Mac OS.

Mix-16 Rear


Mix-16 has a power consumption of 1.5 amps @ 12 volts (18 watts) and connects via Hirose. Speaking of power, be sure the GUI computer is compatible with your cart – many computers only run on 16 – 19 volts, and your cart will probably run on 12 volts, so you’ll need a power inverter to supply AC power to the computer.