Design Matters

The QRX235 is a Block specific ENG style receiver with QIFB, a built-in 2.4GHz ZaxNet IFB transmitter. The built-in filtering and enhanced receiver design give it maximum sensitivity and a low noise floor.

QRX235 with QIFB
QRX235Rear Connector View


QRX235 can output AES digital audio or analog audio at -35dB mic level, -10dB consumer level, or 0dB line level on 2 x TA5 connectors. IFB audio is input via an 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo mini jack. Timecode I/O is also on an 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo mini jack. The two serial loop USB connectors are for connecting to ZaxMote or other QRX200’s to share the QIFB remote control feature.

Channel Count

The QRX235 receives up to four channels of audio from two separate transmitters. You can use it with any combination of mono and stereo UHF transmitters we make, but it’s most often paired with our TRXCL3 for a full confidence monitor return with or without timecode.

RF Performance

The QRX235 with QIFB is block specific, this means it receives on its designated frequency window and all other interfering high-level signals outside this frequency space will be blocked out. The nerds call this desensing. We let the good stuff in (your radio mic transmitters) and we keep the bad stuff out (walkie talkies, the follow focus, etc.). Think of it like the bouncer outside a nightclub.

Zaxcom vs. The hudson River


ZaxNet Remote Control

The built-in QIFB give you full ZaxNet capabilities – sending audio, timecode and transmitter remote control commands right from your QRX235. Be sure to check out ZaxMote.

You can even share the love with your other receivers… If you had 2 x QRX200’s, you could hook them up to a QRX235 and whenever you change the frequency on any of your receivers it will use the QIFB in the QRX235 to remotely change the matching transmitter frequency.

The Ultimate Camera Link

The QRX235 / TRXCL3 Camera Link combo gives you a total confidence loop, it receives audio and timecode and sends it right back! From your sound bag or card you’re sending two channel of 100% digital audio with embedded SMTPE timecode, from the camera you’re sending yourself back

A complete confidence loop for peace of mind

Visual Confirmation

Ultra bright patented multi-colored side mounted LED’s give you visual conformation that RF and audio are making it to the camera. The 12 multi-colored LEDs are recessed into the side of the QRX235 and visible with the QRX235 mounted in its Zaxcom camera mount . They can be seen from quite a distance even in bright sunlight.

Frequency Range

The QRX235 comes in a single frequency block between 20 and 26. Block choices for the QRX235 ENG Receiver:

Block 20 – 518-542 MHz
Block 21 – 536-572 MHz
Block 22 – 560-590 MHz
Block 23 – 590-614 MHz

Block 24 – 614-644 MHz
Block 25 – 638-668 MHz
Block 26 – 662-692 MHz
(Blocks 24 – 26 are no longer available for sale or use in the USA)


The QRX235 is powered externally via any power source 9 to 18 volts on a single Switchcraft 760k connector.

Zaxcom Digital Wireless is protected under patent #’s: 7,711,443, 7,929,902 & D608,339



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