Design Matters

A tough wireless designed for tough demands. Deliver pristine audio quality with the ZMT4-Flex, a bendable wireless transmitter designed to capture the on-field experience of professional sports.

Weighing only 3 oz (85 g), the ZMT4-Flex is constructed from a soft yet durable silicon rubber that allows the transmitter to bend and flex, providing an elevated level of safety for the professional sports player.

Microphone Connectivity

The ZMT4-Flex works with either a single mono or dual lavalier microphones up to 5 volts via two microdot input connectors.

Encrypted Audio

The ZMT4-Flex transmits using 100% digital modulation resulting in audio that’s fully encrypted. Digital encryption is the only way to keep audio transmissions private. The system uses one of 16 million encryption codes for an unbreachable level of privacy.

Internal Recording

Audio can be simultaneously recorded internally to a microSD card using the highly reliable lossless MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) which eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to dead battery or early card removal.

Better Workflow

The ZMT3-Flex provides a 128 dB dynamic range in mono and 108 dB in stereo with no limiting or compression distortion. External audio and battery status levels are seen on the OLED or at the Zaxcom receiver.

Advanced Features

ZaxNet™ allows for remote changes in the channel, pre-amp gain, output power or to be placed in record, playback, and stop modes without removing the transmitter from the talent.

Zaxcom High Density modulation or ZHD for short increases the number of available channels in one MHz of spectrum space.

MHz Bands

ZMT3-Flex is available in the following frequency bands:
.5 band (512-614 MHz)
.6 band (596-698 MHz) (Outside the U.S.)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.