Design Matters

The RX200 is a 200 MHz wide-band, compact, battery powered ENG receiver. It has a tunable tracking front end filter for receiving any frequency in any block from 20 through 26, or 512 – 698 MHz, all while still filtering out unwanted RF.

RX200Rear Connector View


RX200 can output AES digital audio or analog audio at -35dB mic level, -10dB consumer level, or 0dB line level on a single TA5 connector. It’s also capable of receiving and outputting the embedded SMPTE timecode on a BNC connector also on mic, line or consumer levels, so no matter what the camera is all bases are covered.

Channel Count

The RX200 receives up to two channels of audio from one transmitter. You can use it with any UHF transmitter we make, but it’s most often paired with our TRXCL3 since it’s so small and light and has dedicated audio and timecode outputs. Gotta keep those camera guys happy… or at least not disliking you for making their camera heavier than it already is 😉

RF Performance

As mentioned above, the RX200 has an automatic tracking front end filter, so you can receive on any frequency in any block from 20 through 26 (512-698MHz) with impressive range. Here’s how that works – the filter allows signals within the 35 MHz tunable window into the receiver while blocking the interfering high-level signals outside this window. The nerds call this desensing. We let the good stuff in (your radio mic transmitters) and we keep the bad stuff out (walkie talkies, the follow focus, etc.). Think of it like the bouncer outside a nightclub.

RX200 Side Mounted LEDsShow RF / Audio level


The RX200 / TRXCL3 Camera Link combo is a great solution for sending two channels of 100% digital audio with embedded SMPTE timecode from bag to camera. Small and light-weight with Zaxcom’s patented side-mounted LED’s, the RX200 is easy to mount on any camera – from small format DSLR to a full size rig.


The ultra compact RX200 is not only small, but incredibly flexible – it can be powered from an external power source or internally via 4 x AA batteries for up to 12 hours so you can use this with any camera big or small. To top it off it’s extremely power efficient drawing only 140 mA @ 12 VDC.

RX200 Side ViewShown with battery door open

Frequency Range

The RX200 is wide-band and covers all frequency blocks from 20 through 26 (512-698 MHz).

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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