Oasis is a full-featured mixing panel with 8 motorized, touch-sensitive faders on 3 active banks, for up to 40 assignable fader channels. It provides direct access to all recording and mixing controls including hardware trim controls, transport control, dedicated PFL keys, routing control, and more!

Connection & Compatibility

The Oasis can control Nova 2, Nova, Nomad 12, Nomad 10, and Deva 24 via a single serial control cable, all the processing and recording stay within the host recorder. This turns the recorder into a no-compromise cart-based mixing and recording system that can quickly and seamlessly transition from a cart to a bag by unplugging just one cable.

Advanced Features

From Oasis you can assign direct ZaxNet gain control of your Digital Recording Wireless transmitters and use it as a full function playback controller for simultaneous audio playback while recording.

GUI & Hub

Oasis works as a Hub, so you can directly interface with the RX-12 receiver or a USB keyboard.

When using the GUI you gain instant access and editing of metadata via touch screen or keyboard, expanded metering, simple access to menus and matrices, cross points, and metadata entry, and a visual timecode slate with metadata.

Use with Nomad allows for MP3 file transfer directly from the GUI via a standard Wi-Fi connection by e-mail or FTP.

Please note, in order to use the Touch Screen (or regular computer) interface you’ll need something to run the software GUI on, for now, there’s a version for Windows and Mac OS.


Oasis has an ultra-low power consumption of 2.4 watts (200ma @ 12 volts). Speaking of power, be sure the GUI computer is compatible with your cart – many computers only run on 16 – 19 volts, and your cart will probably run on 12 volts, so you’ll need a power inverter to supply AC power to the computer.