*This product is currently not available due to parts shortages*


The ERX3TCD is an IFB audio receiver that receives high quality, fully encrypted digital audio and timecode from any ZaxNet source (2.4 GHz).

It features an OLED display, locking headphone connector and a practically unbreakable rubber volume knob. The OLED display shows timecode, user bits, and current Scene and Take metadata in real time, with a hold button to freeze the display.


Grumpy director at Video Village? No problem! With an ERX you can delay audio up to 12 frames to match audio to monitors with various video lag from video signal processing.

Notch Filter

The 1kHz notch filter to eliminate the transmission of tone that is sometimes sent from the mixing console. The notch filter frequency is adjustable and using it won’t affect the quality of your IFB audio.



Mount on a camera or digital slate to jam frame accurate timecode wirelessly. The ERX3TCD provides frame-accurate timecode with no drift since it is constantly receiving and updating its timecode from the source.


ERX3TCD is powered with 3 x AA batteries and lasts up to 12 hours.