Nova_Front_Automix_Screen MRX414 URX100_f4_1 zmt3-x_f1 Nova
User Support Forums A user community designed to help answer questions, solve issues, and receive customer feedback about Zaxcom products. What is Zaxnet? Wirelessly link Zaxcom devices and compatible digital slates into a single system for audio recording and metadata distribution. What is Neverclip? Extend the dynamic range of isolated tracks delivered to post production by up to 24dB. User Stories Nobody knows the quality and reliability of Zaxcom products better than our customers.
Press Releases Zaxcom Introduces New MRX414 Module Receiver for Reception from Four Separate Transmitters Press Releases MRX214 Zaxcom introduces new MRX214 module receiver extending reception range Press Releases Nova New Zaxcom Nova delivers complete sound recording solution
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