VRX1 is an analog VHF IFB audio receiver built to monitor audio and cue talent in the film, television, and broadcast industries. Simply connect an earpiece or headphones to the 3.5mm output for clean, reliable audio performance.

Among its core features is an intuitive voice prompt system, voting, frame specific audio delay, an adaptive squelch, headphone equalization, and multiple power options all in a rugged, easy to use device.


VRX1 features an innovative direct conversion design to receive audio that reduces all forms of RF interference while extending battery life.


VRX1 operates in the VHF 192-217 MHz frequency range and is pre-programmed with 10 standard channels for quick setup:

•216.025 •216.075 •216.175 •216.275 •216.425 •216.525 •216.725 •216.825 •216.925 •216.975

Pre-programmed channels can be reconfigured through the optional Zaxcom GUI Bridge (ZGB).


VRX1 is compatible with analog VHF FM Comtek transmitters operating on 192-217 MHz. This allows you to mix and match VRX1 with other Comtek IFB receivers connected to the same transmitter.

Current transmitter compatibility:
• Comtek BST 75-216
• Comtek BST 25-216
• Comtek M-216

Operation, Voice Prompts & Voting

Front A/B and * buttons control settings and can be programmed to limit control or be completely disabled.

Voice prompts announce the current channel selection, battery life, and other key settings through headphones. Voice prompts can also adjust key settings, providing a seamless interaction without needing to look down at the device.

Voting allows VRX1 to automatically connect to the strongest transmitter signal when more than one transmitter is in operation.

Voice prompts and voting can be disabled.

Zaxcom GUI Bridge (ZGB)

The optional Zaxcom GUI Bridge (ZGB) combines hardware and software, giving complete control over VRX1 settings through an easy-to-use interface. Connect a ZGB to a VRX1 through USB-C to program advanced settings and manage a large inventory quickly.

Audio Delay

VRX1 has audio delay settings that can be customized from 1 to 15 frames.


An adaptive squelch algorithm intelligently minimizes noise when a transmitter signal is absent.

Camera Audio

The 3.5mm audio output is selectable to be unbalanced or balanced allowing you to feed a single track of audio to the input of a camera.


VRX1 can be powered through 2x AA alkaline, NiMH, or lithium batteries.

•2x Alkaline batteries up to 9 hours
•2x NiMH AA batteries up to 13 hours
•2x Lithium AA batteries up to 17 hours

The USB-C port provides power when connected to a power source.

Additionally, you can charge rechargeable NiMH batteries without removing them from the receiver by connecting a USB-C power source. LED indicators provide charging status.


An optional E/V Clip is compatible with both VRX1 and ERX3TCD for quick placement.

An optional VRX Dual Charger is capable of charging two VRX1 receivers.

Optional Freq. Range

VRX1 is also available in the 76-86 MHz frequency range via special order.

VRX1 Digital Development

Zaxcom is developing a digital VHF transmitter. To support this future product, VRX1 is designed to work as an analog and digital VHF FM receiver, future-proofing the device.

VRX Dual Charger

VRX Dual Charger is an optional accessory capable of charging two VRX1 receivers.

Simply turn off the VRX1, insert into a slot, and a flashing blue LED will indicate charging. A solid green LED indicates a completed charge.

Included in the box:
1x VRX Dual Charger
1x USB-C cable
1x Power Plug