Aria is a mixing panel for the Nova and Nomad recorder/mixers and the first of it’s kind. There are two different versions, the Aria-8 and Aria-4. The Aria-8 works on it’s own as a standalone 8-fader panel, or you can expand it to either 12 or 16 faders on the fly by the addition of one or two Aria-4 mixing panels.

Imagine having a full cart setup with 16 faders at your fingertips, and with the removal of one cable you’re ready to go mobile!

Machined from a solid block of aluminum, the Aria is made to withstand the harshest of environments.

Aria-4Expansion Panel

Solid State

Aria has unique solid-state faders with no internal moving parts, so there’s nothing to wear out. Location recording is often done in rough environments and the first thing to invite dirt and dust into your mixer are the faders. On Aria, the fader openings are sealed under a Teflon sheet embedded in the fader tracks.

Rounting, your way

As is the Zaxcom way, the Aria is extremely flexible in terms of routing. The input trim knobs can be assigned as input trims or ZaNet™ digital recording wireless transmitter remote gain controls. Any input channel on your Nova or Nomad can be assigned to the Aria’s faders, while the host recorder itself can accept input channels or be used as input trims or ZaxNet™ remote control trims.

Aria also has transport controls, headphone preset selection, mix-track routing, and track record enables built into the panel itself.

As a Hub

There’s a dedicated USB port that supports wired or wireless keyboards. Pairing a keyboard with your Nova gives you tons of shortcuts for easily entering metadata and control of many of the recorder’s functions. There’s also an interface for the upcoming Nova Touch, where you’ll be able to use the Nova with a full-sized touch screen.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.