ZFR100 (Discontinued)
ZFR100 (Discontinued)

The ZFR100 has been distcontinued and replaced by the ZFR300.

Miniature Timecode Stamped Audio Recorder

The Zaxcom ZFR100 is a timecode referenced audio recorder. The belt-pack style ZFR100 can be used in a sound bag, as a body worn recorder, or any other application that requires a high quality timecode stamped audio recording.   The STA-150 and STA-042 stereo adapters can be attached to the ZFR100. This sets it apart from the ZFR200 and ZFR300. The STA adaptors allow the ZFR100 to record a two analog or two digital line level signals, as well as giving you the option to externally power the ZFR100 from any DC source.