The Mix-8 is a control surface for the embedded digital mixer of the Nomad, Fusion or Deva. Mixing is performed in the digital domain via a floating DSP ensuring the highest quality so there’s no distortion or channel to channel differences.

  • Easily controls fader levels
  • Control of input trims
  • True digital mixing console
  • Zero time offset design for no phase distortion channel to channel
  • No audio cabling from Mix-8 to recorder
  • Floating point DSP digital mixing with no internal clipping or quantization issues
  • Unlimited routing
  • No sample rate issues between Mix-8 and recorder
  • Cross points can be pre or post fader with or without phase inversion



Zaxcom Accessories

Nomad to Mix-8 Cable RS422 Cable between Deva / Fusion and Mix-12 / Mix-8