The Fusion is a portable solid state recorder for film and television production.  It has 8 hardware faders and records simultaneously to two CompactFlash cards making it a complete solution for recording, mixing and effects in one package.

Each of the 8 digital outputs can be individually switched between output bus configuration and direct digital out.  The direct digital outputs allow input channels to be seamlessly routed to feed external backup recorders.

Fusion can mix 16 inputs to eight output busses and record up to ten tracks on the internal Compact Flash card.   The mixer has extensive routing capability: any input can be routed to any output pre- or post-fader, with or with phase inversion.  Each channel on the Fusion is equipped with EQ, notch filter, compressor and delay.

The Fusion comes in two different models:

The Mix-8 and Mix-12 control surfaces are fully compatible with Fusion for an all digital location recording and mixing package.



Zaxcom Accessories

6-Channel analog output cable for Deva 5.8 / Fusion 10 8-Channel analog output cable for Deva 16 / Fusion 12 RS422 Cable between Deva / Fusion and Mix-12 / Mix-8