Zaxcom TRX transmitters and ZFR miniature recorders have the ability to transmit its own audio via its built-in ZaxNet 2.4GHz transmitter. That audio can be monitored by an ERX receiver tuned to the same ZaxNet frequency of the transmitter. The purpose of this is for confidence monitoring. So you can now mic up talent and listen to how the mic sounds without having to return to your cart. The range of the ZaxNet confidence monitoring will not be as far as a normal ZaxNet signal – you can expect a range of about 10 feet.

In the TRX and ERX menu you can set the ZaxNet audio out of the recorder so that there is an audible record beep sent to just the ZaxNet feed, so when start recording and you are monitoring the ZaxNet monitor feed, this allows the user to
insure the TRX/ZFR is in record mode while monitoring the audio on an ERX