Pompton Plains, NJ, September 12, 2017 — Zaxcom today announced that up to 226 channels of wireless are available in the 600 MHz UHF TV band (596-698 MHz) thanks to its Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) modulation technology.

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the results of the Broadcast Incentive Auction which repurposed 84 MHz of the 600 MHz UHF TV band (614-698 MHz) under what the FCC calls the “600 MHz Band Plan.” The repurposed 614-698 MHz UHF TV band consists of a guard band (614-617 MHz), a downlink band (617-652 MHz), a duplex gap (652-663 MHz) and an uplink band (663-698 MHz).

After a 10 phase transition period ending July 13, 2020, only a portion of the 614-698 MHz will be available for wireless microphone systems. More specifically, 2 MHz in the guard band (614-616 MHz) and 10 MHz in the duplex gap (653-663 MHz). Additionally, 11 MHz (596-608 MHz) will be completely unaffected by the incentive auction.

This is great news for current Zaxcom operators as they can continue to operate within the 600 MHz UHF TV band using Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless.

In addition, Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless are equipped with ZHD, a feature that increases the number of channels available in the UHF TV band. ZHD is indispensable, now more than ever, for sound applications in film, television and theater.

Five different modulation modes transmit audio on Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless: stereo, mono, XR, ZHD96 or ZHD48. Each modulation mode uses proprietary technology to provide users with additional channels in a MHz range. For instance, the unaffected 11 MHz band (596-608 MHz) while operating in ZHD48 expands to an astounding 109 channels under the same 11 MHz.

All Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless are fully licensed by the FCC and will continue to be operational after the July 13, 2020 mandate. Also, since Zaxcom devices are Software Defined Radio architecture, we will be able to meet all MHz band and power requirements through software updates prior to the deadline.

To learn more about the Broadcast Incentive Auction and how Zaxcom ZHD technology can improve your workflow visit:

Zaxcom also has announced a price reduction to “retune” existing “.6 band” (596-698 MHz) to “.5 band” (512-608 MHz) from $525 to $175 for TRXLA3, ZMT3, ZMT3-HM and ZMT3-Phantom transmitter models. When using ZHD48 in the “.5 band,” a staggering 949 channels are available.

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