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Las Vegas, NV — April 25, 2017 — Zaxcom, known for creating innovative audio technology, has changed the way we think about wireless booming with the announcement of the ZMT3-Phantom, a new transmitter in its Digital Recording Wireless line. While traditional wireless transmitters are normally placed at the bottom of a boom pole, the ZMT3-Phantom takes its spot near the top.

“We’re very excited about the ZMT3-Phantom,” says Colleen Goodsir, Director of Sales and Marketing at Zaxcom. “The light-weight transmitter is designed to be placed directly behind the microphone instead of at the bottom of the boom pole. We’ve added an external antenna so you’ll receive terrific range, and by using a Zaxcom ERX3TCD, you’ll be able to monitor the signal.”

By positioning ZMT3-Phantom at the end of the boom pole users can remove the extra weight of the internal or external cable eliminating any noise that can leak into the audio track.

Weighing only 2.2oz (62g), the ZMT3-Phantom transmits encrypted audio using 100% digital modulation, resulting in audio quality far superior to any analog system. Audio can be recorded internally onto a microSD card using the highly reliable lossless MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) that eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to dead battery or early card removal. Files are then instantly copied to Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) or MP3 via ZaxConvert, free software available for MAC or PC.

The ZMT3-Phantom provides 114dB dynamic range with no limiting or compression distortion. Phantom power is selectable in 12, 24, 32 and 48V and its internal battery lasts for up to 5 hours of run time in 48V depending on the microphone used.

The ZMT3-Phantom comes equipped with ZaxNet™ so you can remotely change the frequency, pre-amp gain or output power and have the ability to place the transmitter’s built-in recorder into record, playback and stop modes. With ZaxNet™, the transmitter is directly controlled from either the sound cart, the trimpot of the Zaxcom mixer or Zaxcom recorder. Wireless quality control monitoring on the ZMT3-Phantom is accomplished using a Zaxcom ERX3TCD.

A balanced 3-pin micro LEMO input provides the microphone connection. The graphic OLED shows visible external audio and battery status levels for the operator.

Glenn Sanders, President of Zaxcom adds, “We hope this new transmitter redefines the boom pole to improve audio quality and to enhance the production experience by making the pole lighter, quieter and easier to handle while restoring the utility of a cabled boom pole without the burden of a cable connected to the sound cart.”

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