POMPTON PLAINS, N.J.  —  Feb. 17, 2009  —  Zaxcom, a pioneering provider of professional audio equipment, today enhanced its wireless microphone product line with the introduction of the environmentally friendly TRX992, a boom pole unit that performs the functions of an audio transmitter, monitor return receiver, backup recorder and phantom power supply — all within one compact wireless system.  The TRX992 is a 100 percent digital transmission system optimized for boom mic operators working on motion picture and television productions.

Zaxcom’s TRX992 features patent-pending internal recording that backs up transmissions to guard against lost audio files.  Users can record up to 24 hours of audio to a removable mini or micro SD card using the TRX992.  The system features a user-selectable power output ranging from 10 mW to 100 mW.  The audio dynamic range is 106 dB, making the TRX992 sound like a hard-wired microphone without any of the typical FM audio distortion problems.

The TRX992 can be used for critical monitoring applications, with a 2.4-GHz digital monitor return receiver that relays return audio, timecode reference and RF remote control commands.  Alternatively, TRX992 users can elect to transmit high-resolution IFB audio instead of timecode and remote control signals.  As a true-diversity receiver, the TRX992 eliminates concerns over audio drop-outs, which are common to non-diversity monitor receiver systems.  The system’s internal monitor mixer allows users to mix transmitted audio and a monitor return together, controlled by a pan pot on top of the unit.  The TRX992 also features mic/line level input and a balanced XLR input with 48-V phantom power.

“The new TRX992 system offers a number of enhancements over its predecessor, the TRX990, and provides a replacement for the Batman-style utility belt currently used in almost every television and film production worldwide,” said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom’s President. “The digital wireless audio technology featured in all of our systems, including the TRX992, offers users audio quality that rivals a hard-wired system and is vastly superior to any analog or digital hybrid wireless solution.  In addition, the TRX992 is a very rugged unit, designed from a single block of aluminum, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments.”

Operating from a single low-cost, widely available rechargeable battery system, the TRX992 provides an eco-friendly audio solution.  The VPX rechargeable battery system is a breakthrough in power technology, holding roughly twice the energy of today’s lithium packs and supporting more than 500 recharges.  Because this single rechargeable battery replaces the costly disposable batteries used in today’s wireless transmitters, phantom power supplies and monitor receivers, the TRX992 can pay for itself over the course of a year simply through savings in battery usage.

The TRX992 system is shipping to customers in February 2009.  Learn more about Zaxcom’s full line of audio systems at www.zaxcom.com.

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About Zaxcom, Inc.
Zaxcom, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative professional audio equipment for the television and film industries.  A pioneer in audio technologies for the sound mixing and ENG professionals, Zaxcom engineered the first digital wireless microphone and the first wireless microphone to feature integrated audio recording.  More information about Zaxcom, Inc. is available at www.zaxcom.com.