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POMPTON PLAINS, N.J. — March 3, 2021 — Zaxcom today announced the launch of the RX-4 MRX module interface to its Digital Recording Wireless line. Paired with the MRX214 or MRX414 it converts either of these two modules into a stand-alone receiver. This increases the flexibility of the MRX module by allowing it to be used on its own.

The RX-4 utilizes the power of the module-style MRX414, which is also compatible with the Nova mixer/recorder, RX-12, and RX-12R. Until now, the unit was never able to be used on its own. The RX-4 and MRX combination set a new standard for RF performance. The RX-4 has a brand-new dual-track-tuned front-end filter with a 44 MHz tuning window. There’s also an internal passive filter making it impossible to overload the RX-4, this means increased range, no intermodulation, and no interference from walkie-talkies and mobile phones. The RX-4 with MRX414 receives a 100% digital signal that is fully encrypted resulting in superior like-a-hard-wire audio quality.

The RX-4’s intelligent design includes two OLED displays to easily visually monitor data from up to 4 separate transmitters. There are four tricolor LEDs to indicate the decode status of each of the 4 receive channels and push buttons for simple navigation of menus.

The RX-4 can scan the entire frequency range, and re-freq all 4 receivers instantly to avoid localized interference at new locations. Receivers can be used anywhere in the frequency range of the RX-4 but need to be within the 44 MHz window of the tuned front-end filter. The MRX414 is one of the most power-efficient digital wireless receivers on the market – the module draws 300 mA @ 13 VDC (75 mA per receiver), paired with the RX-4 the total power draw is less than 350 mA.

The MRX414 broke new ground as the first receiver to receive audio from four separate transmitters. Now with the RX-4, the MRX414 can be used as a standalone portable receiver outside of a host unit, making the combo a great way to get started with the Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless ecosystem. The RX-4 is an affordable and invaluable accessory, allowing for your system to expand as your needs grow.

RX-4 is available now and comes in two options, RX-4L which covers Blocks 20 – 23 (512-614 MHz), and RX-4H which covers Blocks 23 – 26 (598-698 MHz).

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