Drop Right In

Low Profile, High Performance

At an an unobtrusive 3.75" tall, the SRX220 comfortably fits where you need it with analog or AES audio and embedded timecode

Never re-block again

SRX220 has an automatic tracking front end filter so you can receive interference free on any frequency in any block from 20 through 26 (512 - 698 MHz)

The SRX220 is a “Slot-in” receiver that is compatible with the Ambient VSLOT, Panasonic Slot-in cameras, Sound Devices SL-6 and other devices that accept a Slot-in receiver. It features a low profile design, making it the smallest and lightest slot-in receiver on the market.

Features Include:
• Compatible with all Zaxcom transmitters
• Outputs up to two channels of audio from a single transmitter as either line-level, -18 dB or AES
• Receives SMPTE timecode embedded in the UHF signal and outputs timecode via the DB25 connector



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