Zaxcom's original 4-channel receiver

4-Channels, One Receiver

Full Confidence loop

The QRX235 with QIFB option gives you a total confidence loop, it receives audio and timecode then sends it right back.

Seeing is believing

Ultra bright multi-colored side mounted LED's gives you visual conformation that RF and audio are making it to the camera.
action shot

The QRX100 RF, audio and timecode receiver is a quantum leap in wireless transmission both to and from the video camera.  It can receive up to four channels of 100% digital audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo transmitters to take full advantage of the four discreet audio channels available in most of today’s video cameras.  With add-on features to suit your needs and budget, QRX100 provides unprecedented flexibility in a broadcast ENG receiver.

All transmissions are free from intermodulation that limits the amount of channels that can be used together in the same physical location. The QRX100 allows more channels to be used together than any other system. Up to 140 audio channels can fit in a 35Mhz frequency block utilizing Zaxcom stereo modulation and 500Khz transmitter spacing.

The QRX100 outputs audio in both analog and AES digital formats.  Two AES outputs connect directly to most 4 channel broadcast cameras. AES input is typically the only way to utilize the 4-channel capability of many cameras on the market today.

Digital modulation keeps the signal interference-free from noise that would add distortion to an analog ENG system.  It is housed in a lightweight industry standard package providing optimum compatibility and functionality for broadcasters and freelancers alike.

Any combination of Zaxcom TRX series mono or stereo transmitters can be used with the QRX100.  The transmitters features include no inter-modulation, patented built-in backup recording on Flash memory and an internal IFB audio receiver.  Zaxcom’s true digital stereo transmission uses half the bandwidth of traditional analog solutions.

A single QRX100 mounted on the side of the camera is a complete solution for audio transmission to/from the camera, TRX900 bodypack remote control and timecode synchronization.  Significant size, weight and power consumption reductions are to the camera operator’s benefit.  To replicate the capability of one QRX100, up to 4 receivers, a time code generator and an IFB transmitter would need to be mounted on the camera.

The QRX100 offers performance and features superior to one and two-channel slot-in type receivers that are only available for a limited number of broadcast cameras. Slot-in receivers do not have sufficient intermodulation and interference rejection to allow them to be used in difficult RF environments. The QRX100 with its 500KHz minimum frequency spacing, total immunity to RF overload and digital dropout protection  is the best choice for any environment.

The QRX100 quickly attaches to any broadcast camera with an industry standard mounting kit.  The externally mountable design also allows the QRX100 to instantly connect any broadcast camera overcoming the compatibility issues of slot mounted receivers.

A group of 12 multi-colored LEDs are recessed into the side of the QRX100 (Patented).  They are visible with the QRX100 mounted in its Zaxcom camera mount and provide the sound mixer with visual confirmation of audio reception at the camera.  The LEDs are very bright and can be seen from a distance of up to 20 feet away in bright sunlight.

QRX100 QIFB Option: Internal 2.4 GHz IFB Audio, Timecode and Remote Control Transmitter / Receiver

The QIFB option board gives the QRX100 the ability to send and receive IFB audio, broadcast timecode for synchronization and/or remote roll, and sends transmitter remote control commands (RF frequency, audio level, etc.). It also adds a mono headphone output jack to the receiver.

As an IFB transmitter, the QIFB option board can send one audio channel with SMPTE timecode reference. The 2.4 GHz IFB transmission is compatible with all Zaxcom IFB receivers and TRX series digital wireless transceivers outfitted with IFB receive functionality. In receive mode, the QIFB option board receives IFB audio and timecode for camera synchronization.

QRX100 also receives remote control commands from a TRX series transmitter over the UHF frequency band for selecting the confidence monitor return source.

A typical setup would have the QRX100 mounted to a camera and either one or two TRX900AA’s with Stereo Adapters in the sound bag. The TRX900AA receives the audio / timecode signal. The monitor audio is your confidence loop and the timecode controls the start/stop of the internal backup recorder built into the transmitter.




Press Releases POMPTON PLAINS, N.J.  —September 2, 2010 —Zaxcom today announced that its QRX100 broadcast ENG receiver is now shipping to customers worldwide. The QRX100 can receive up to four channels of 100 percent digital audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo transmitters, enabling television production professionals to take full advantage of the four discrete audio channels available in today’s latest generation of video cameras. “Our QRX100 offers a feature-packed and versatile solution for professional audio production on the go,” said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom’s president. “A single QRX100 mounted to the side of a camera provides complete audio transmission to and from the camera, remote control of our Zaxcom TRX series of transmitters, and timecode synchronization. Replicating the capabilities of just one QRX100 would otherwise require four receivers, a time code generator, and an IFB transmitter. The unit significantly reduces size, weight, and power consumption requirements, all to the benefit of the camera operator.” The QRX100 receives four channels of 100 percent digital audio from up to two transmitters and outputs in both analog and AES digital formats. The lightweight, industry-standard packaging of the QRX100 attaches quickly to any broadcast camera. All transmissions from the QRX100 are digitally modulated, keeping signals free from the interference and noise that would normally cause distortion in an analog wireless system. Because all transmissions are free from intermodulation, the QRX100 allows more channels to be used together — up to 140 audio channels in a 35-MHz frequency block — than any other system available on the market. “The QRX100 offers the performance and features of one- and two-channel slot-in-style receivers, without the limitations of such systems. While slot-in receivers are available only for a limited number of camera models and do not have sufficient intermodulation or interference rejection to make them suitable for use in difficult RF environments, the QRX100 resolves these issues with 500-KHz minimum spacing, total immunity to RF overload, and digital dropout protection. It’s an ideal choice for professional audio production in virtually any setting,” added Sanders. To learn more about Zaxcom’s full line of audio systems, visit www.zaxcom.com. # # # About Zaxcom, Inc. Zaxcom, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative professional audio equipment for the television and film industries. A pioneer in audio technologies for sound-mixing and ENG professionals, Zaxcom engineered the first digital wireless microphone and the first wireless microphone to feature integrated audio recording, IFB receivers, and timecode transmission. More information about Zaxcom, Inc., can be found at www.zaxcom.com. Zaxcom’s New QRX100 Now Shipping Press Releases Zaxcom’s 2010 NAB Preview Press Releases POMPTON PLAINS, N.J.  —  April 8, 2009  —  Zaxcom today introduced a new concept in professional audio technology with the QRX100 four-channel RF audio receiver.  The QRX100 will receive four channels of audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo or mono digital transmitters, allowing ENG audio professionals to leverage the full capabilities of today’s four-channel cameras.  By bundling an optional timecode receiver and IFB transmitter in a single, lightweight package, the QRX100 will offer the added benefit of reducing broadcasters’ equipment costs, RF bandwidth requirements and power demands. “We’re excited to introduce our QRX100 concept and expect it to be very popular among ENG professionals for the superior functionality, quality and flexibility it will provide,” said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom’s President.  “Replicating the capabilities of the QRX100 would require mounting up to four receivers, a sync generator and an IFB transmitter to the camera, all of which increase the cost and physical weight of supporting four audio channels.  Our QRX100 system will make it easy for broadcasters to take advantage of all four channels on-the-go, without prohibitive power requirements.” With an industry-standard mounting kit, the QRX100 will integrate quickly and easily with any broadcast camera.  The QRX100 will receive two separate transmitter signals on two separate frequencies simultaneously — providing unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use in a broadcast ENG receiver.  The unit will receive one to four channels of 100 percent digital audio and will output the channels in both analog and AES digital formats, ensuring audio quality that can only be matched with a hard-wired system.  Digital modulation of the audio signals will remove concerns of the interference that would typically add distortion to an analog-based ENG system. “The QRX100 will offer vastly elevated performance compared to slot-in receivers, which offer only single audio-channel operation in most cases,” added Sanders.  “By replacing this type of receiver, the QRX100 will remove the typical slot-in concerns of limited power supplies, degraded interference rejection, high operating temperatures and limited compatibility with cameras.” The QRX100 will operate in frequency blocks between 512 and 860 MHz with a digital sampling rate of 32 to 196 kHz.  Weighing just six ounces, the QRX100 will feature a compact profile of 3.230” x 1.25” x 5.0”.  The system will require a voltage range of 6 to 18 VDC and a power consumption of 200 mA at 12V.  Multi-camera serial remote control will be supported with RS422 and RS485 ports. With the addition of the QTX50 2.4-GB IFB return option, the QRX100 will be equipped to send a mono return channel to Zaxcom’s TRX900, TRX900AA and TRX992 wireless microphone systems.  The QTX50 option will additionally allow each receiver to control RF frequency and audio level.  Adding the QSYNC50 option to the QRX100 will ensure subframe locking of multiple video cameras with an integrated video- and timecode-referenced sync generator.  The QSYNC50 will even control the record/stop function of each camera remotely. For a demonstration of the QRX100, visit Zaxcom at the 2009 NAB Show, booth N3114, or learn more about Zaxcom’s full line of audio systems at www.zaxcom.com. # # # About Zaxcom, Inc. Zaxcom, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative professional audio equipment for the television and film industries.  A pioneer in audio technologies for the sound mixing and ENG professionals, Zaxcom engineered the first digital wireless microphone and the first wireless microphone to feature integrated audio recording.  More information about Zaxcom, Inc. is available at www.zaxcom.com. Zaxcom’s New QRX100 Receiver to Provide Four-Channel Audio Support in a Single, Lightweight Package
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