NeverClip™ incorporates two separate analog to digital converters working in conjunction with each other to give you up to an unprecedented 139dB of dynamic range depending on the product. The signals from the two converters are combined in the digital domain to provide the entire, unclipped dynamic range of the units audio input(s).

The full dynamic range of the NeverClip™ inputs can be recorded to the isolated record tracks of Nova, Nomad, Deva 24 or Maxx. These tracks give you extended headroom of up to 44dB. Currently, typical file headroom is 20dB, but Zaxcom’s NeverClip™ files offer headroom of 26dB, 32dB, 38dB or 44dB. The embedded iXML track metadata indicates the headroom for each NeverClip™ file. These files are industry standard Broadcast Wave files with extra iXML data included that be utilized by any post production system.

If you’re recording on a Zaxcom recorder, please talk to your post department to see how NeverClip™ files can enhance dynamic range and give them the ISOs they need to produce the best mix possible.