Internal Recording

Zaxcom Digital Wireless has a unique patented feature, all of our transmitters records and transmits – at the same time! With timecode!!!

Each of our transmitters has a built-in microSD card slot, the audio is recorded directly on the pack itself on an instantly removable card. We recommend using 4GB cards since they load/format quickly and give you 96 track hours of full bandwidth (48 kHz / 24 Bit) audio.

ZMT3-X Card Slot

As a personal Bodypack recorder

If you ever find yourself in a place you can’t use RF, you can turn the transmitter portion of your wireless off and use it as a standalone recorder. This comes in very handy more often than you think – government buildings, airplanes, overcrowded places, etc. It’s also ideal for reality television-type programming and extreme sports. Think anytime talent is going to wander off on their own out of reception range.

The internal recorder gives you the confidence that you can cleanly capture high-quality, drop-out free audio, regardless of how harsh of an RF environment you’ve found yourself in.

Two Modes

There are two ways you can use internal recording – either record run or manually. In record run the unit starts recording the moment the unit is powered on. Manually, with ZaxNet™, you can have your transmitters go into record when your recorder/mixer goes into record and stop when the scene ends.

A Virtual Multi-Track recording system

Internal recording paired with ZaxNet™ is like having an infinitely expandable virtual multi-track recording – with no track or range limits.

Another bonus to this is if you accidentally fall asleep at your cart and aren’t quite happy with your mix, you can use our audition + re-record feature. In between takes, you dial into the timecode on your recorder and can re-play and re-transmit the audio from the packs and talent will have no clue!

MARF, As failsafe As You Can Get

All Zaxcom recorders record their primary files in MARF – Mobile Audio Recording Format. MARF is an ultra-stable, lossless fault-tolerant recording system that keeps your audio safe up to the moment of power loss or premature card removal.

Files are recorded as a .zax file extension and can be quickly and easily be converted to both industry-standard BWF and MP3 files while maintaining their timecode and metadata. All that is needed is ZaxConvert, our free file conversion utility.

Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless Transmitters are protected under patent #’s: 7,711,443 & 7,929,902