The IFB100 transmits IFB audio, timecode and remote control signals to the TRX series digital wireless transceivers on a single RF carrier using a 2.4 GHz signal.  It can be used license-free in almost every country.

The IFB100 can be used in an array of applications – on your sound cart, in a studio or on the side of your video camera.  The left side has dedicated connectors for:  two audio inputs, timecode in/out and power in.  The front has a graphic LCD screen indicating the transmitter status and timecode display.

IFB audio is accepted from a balanced audio connector at line-level.  The built-in 2-channel audio mixer can combine two separate channels of audio onto the mono digital transmission of the IFB100.

The timecode reader / generator runs at all common frame-rates and directly accepts SMPTE timecode from an external source.  It can continuously jam external timecode or free run.

As a timecode and remote control transmitter, the IFB100 is compatible with both the TRX series digital wireless and the ZFR recorders.  Settings such as body pack audio gain and RF frequency are adjustable – even while the transmitter is in use.

The IFB100 transmitter makes it easy to have a virtual multi-track recording.  It’s easily achieved by sending timecode to multiple TRX’s or ZFR’s at the same time – their recordings all have the same timecode that easily matches up in Post. (Pat Pend)

The RF power output is 100 mW.  IFB audio has a range of approximately 150 feet, timecode and remote control commands have a range of approximately 500 feet.