We sat down with Glenn Sanders to talk about new products, NeverClip and what drives his company to develop new products for the sound community. Some of the new gear we found out about was the TRX900CL, a dedicated stereo camera link transmitter for sending two channels of audio and timecode from a sound bag to camera. The TRX is a 100% digital transmission and consumes low power (2.16w). The TRX also features an internal timecode-referenced audio recorder that backs up all transmissions on a microSD card, and is compatible with current Zaxcom wireless receivers, IFB receivers and IFB / ZaxNet transmitters.

Zaxcom Maxx was another product that was showcased at NAB, and it expected to hit the streets in about sixty days according to Sanders. The Maxx is an audio mixer and recorder that has an optional built-in RF Transmitter. It touts 4 XLR inputs (48V Phantom). It can record all broadcast sample rates up to 192KHz, and carries AES inputs, balanced audio returns, full timecode reader and generator, NeverClip and a slew of other features.

(via Sound & Picture)