Our original concept for ERX was that it would be used in close range of a ZaxNet transmitter, always jamming to the timecode source to maintain perfect sync or to hold sync for short periods of time when it was out of range. As the system gained in popularity users started requesting that the ERX would hold its sync for a longer periods of time so it could be used as a standalone sync box – so we did!

ERX Version 2.0 has a new time code calibration feature for all ERX receivers, so each individual unit will calibrate itself to the ZaxNet source. A calibrated ERX virtually eliminates any timecode drift that had affected an unreferenced ERX in the past. Once calibrated, the ERX will have less than one frame of drift over a ten hour period.

An ERX will auto calibrate itself to any ZaxNet timecode signal in 11 minutes from boot up. Once it’s calibrated the auto calibration can be shut off and the ERX will either keep the offset value in its ROM or it can be set up to re-calibrate itself every time it boots up.

Software Version 2.0 can be loaded to any ERXTCD and features the new auto calibration mode. In addition there’s a new timecode entry menu for manually setting the internal timecode generator when not receiving an external signal and a new shortcut to enter the extended menu from the home screen by pressing the timecode button three times.

Please visit our Software & Manuals to download Version 2.0 and the new User Manual reflecting the new additions.