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All about ZHD Modulation

ZHD is Zaxcom’s High Density modulation mode that will allow up to ten channels of wireless to be operated in just one MHz of spectrum space. ZHD is standard in the ZMT3, TRXLT3, TRXLA3, TRXFB3 and TRX743.

ZMT3 Miniature Transmitter

ZHD Key Features:

  • A single 6 MHz American television channel can contain up to sixty channels of ZHD wireless when used with a QRX300 receiver spaced 100 kHz
  • The wireless signal is only 48 KHz wide and frequencies can be spaced as close as 100 kHz apart
  • RF transmitter power is adjustable up to 100 mW on TRXLA3 & TRX743
  • Incredible transmission distance due to ZHD’s highly efficient modulation
  • Transmitters are available as 3.5 (518 – 614 MHz) and 3.6 (596 – 698 MHz)

TRXLT3, TRXLA3, ZMT3, TRXFB3 and TRX743 transmitters are capable of running either ZHD modulation or any existing mono modulations so they maintain compatibility with all Zaxcom receivers. ZHD modulation mode conforms to all currently proposed FCC regulations for spectrally efficient wireless transmission.

ZHD96 modulation works in single or dual mode on all current QRX200 series receivers.
ZHD48 modulation works in single mode only with the QRX300 receiver.

Frequency spacing:

ZHD modulation with QRX300 – 10 frequencies per MHz – 60 per TV channel
ZHD modulation with QRX200, QRX235, RX200, QRX212 – 5 frequencies per MHz – 30 per TV channel
Current XR modulation with QRX200, QRX235, RX200, QRX212 – roughly 2.5 per MHz – 15 per TV channel

Frequency Spectrum Display of ZHD Modulation

Frequency Spectrum Display of ZHD Modulation


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