When designing the IFB200 we wanted to pack as many useful features as we could into as small of a unit as possible. After lots of tinkering we came out with something that we are very proud of.

As far as the physical unit we made it lightweight, small and we paid special attention to the layout of the 200. The result is something that works well on a sound cart, in a bag, but also mounted on a camera.

Like its predecessor the IFB200 has all the standard ZaxNet transmitter functions plus a whole lot more.

First and foremost you can control any Zaxcom TRX wireless remotely, so there is no need to approach talent and fumble with the transmitter anymore. If you notice that your selected frequency is now getting hits, just scan the spectrum with the QRX to find a clean one – then with the IFB200 remotely change the frequency. Talent starts yelling mid take? No problem – just remotely lower the gain. The IFB200 also give you the ability to start and stop the TRX’s internal recorder. So when a scene starts you can put the TRX into record mode, when the scene ends you can stop it, and if you like you can put the TRX into playback, so you can listen to the TRX’s recorded audio all while the talent is on set wearing the transmitter. The 200 also enables PowerRoll. PowerRoll allows a TRX transmitter to stay in the lower transmit power setting of 25mW to conserve battery power – then when you begin to record the transmitter will increase its output power automatically.

We also added the ability for the IFB200 to act as a ZaxNet receiver. So now if you put the IFB200 into receive mode it can receive confidence audio from a QRX235 that is mounted on a camera, or you can listen to confidence audio from any TRX transmitter or ZFR miniature recorder. The 200 can now also receive and lock its internal timecode generator from any other ZaxNet transmitter.

The IFB200 will also broadcast audio and timecode over the same ZaxNet 2.4GHz frequency, which allows you to send timecode and audio throughout your set. The IFB200 can take in two channels of either analog or AES audio and send that audio out to the ERXs – you can chose to send either channel or a mix of both to anyone on set with ERX receiver.The same signal also has timecode embed in it, so the IFB200 can  also transmit frame accurate timecode, at any selected frame rate, to a camera, timecode slate, or any other device that has a ERX attached to it. The design of the 200 allows it to be easily mounted on a camera. So now the camera can be a master timecode generator – distributing wireless timecode throughout the set via the IFB200. The camera’s audio out can also be sent to anyone wearing an ERX receiver.

But wait there is more. We added a micro SD card slot on the IFB200 – the card slot serves two purposes. First it lets you update the software at home on the unit in just a few seconds with no additional hardware necessary. And secondly it is a high quality two track audio recorded with timecode. Now you will always have an extra recorder with you. 96 hours of two tracks of analog or AES audio can record on a single micro SD card. The tracks are recorded as a .zax file which utilizes our ultra stable robust MARF recording system. The .zax files can then easily and quickly be converted to either a BWF or MP3 file using the free ZaxConvert utility.

Please contact your dealer for any additional information.