ZaxNet is a wireless network that runs on a user selectable 2.4 GHz RF signal. ZaxNet is used for the distribution of timecode, IFB audio and metadata. That same ZaxNet signal is also used to control Zaxcom digital wireless transmitters.

ZaxNet gives you the ability to control any Zaxcom transmitter remotely, so there is no need to approach talent and fumble with a transmitter anymore. You can change the frequency, pre-amp gain, transmitter output power, and transport controls – record, playback and stop modes. All TRX and ZMT transmitters also receive timecode for the built-in recording.

ZaxNet can also distribute audio, timecode and metadata over the same 2.4 GHz frequency.

This allows you to send timecode and audio throughout your set. An ERX3TCD will receive ZaxNet and simultaneously output frame accurate timecode and audio. So an ERX3TCD mounted on a camera or digital slate will keep everything in perfect sync since the ERX will be constantly be re-jamming its timecode via ZaxNet. Another option is to use the ERX3TCD to simultaneously feed both timecode as well as a mono audio track to any camera (even if the camera does not have a  timecode input).

An ERX body pack receiver can also be used on set for anyone to monitor audio via the same ZaxNet signal. Not only can you use an ERX for monitoring audio but it can also aid in taking script notes since the OLED on the ERX can display timecode, user bits, and scene and take information.