The Micplexer is an antenna distribution amplifier for diversity wireless microphone systems. The micplexer connects to 2 antennas and distributes the signals to up to 4 wireless microphone receivers. Each of the 2 RF channels has 8 dB of RF gain.  The channel gain can increase the usable distance of the wireless microphone receiver depending on the ambient RF noise floor at the location the micplexer is used.

Each of the 2 RF distribution channels in the micplexer are bandwidth limited to a 40 MHz range. The Micplexer must be ordered in a specific frequency block from 500MHz to 850 MHz, it can only be operated within the block it is built for.

MicPlexer is the same size as a standalone Zaxcom receiver.  It can be used stand alone or within a ZaxPaq and with combination of Zaxcom wireless receivers (QRX100 or RX900s).  It can feed 3 Zaxcom receivers contained within the frame and 1 external receiver or other antenna distribution systems. Micplexer is powered from externally with 8V to 18 VDC, a 12V power conditioner and distributor are also included.

The micplexer offers a very high IP3 figure of +20 dBm. This eliminates amplifier overload and intermodulation generation in the micplexers RF amplifier. Micplexer noise figure is a very low.



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