The QRX300 is a special order receiver dedicated to receive a single channel of ZHD48 modulation.
The receiver has very narrow filters that allow for a 50 KHz wide signal to be received with a channel spacing as close as 100 KHz.

The QRX300 is designed specifically for applications where limited spectrum bandwidth is available and a large number of wireless microphones need to be used together and a latency of 18 milliseconds is not a concern. This unit can only receive ZHD48 modulation. It is not compatible with XR, US Mono or ZHD96.

The QRX300 is 200 MHz wide. A tunable tracking front end filter is featured in the QRX300 so you can receive any frequency in any block from 20 through 27 or 512 – 698 MHz while still filtering out unwanted RF.

Receives one channel of 100% digital audio. The QRX300 outputs audio as an analog signal or as an AES digital signal.




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