more than incredible range

Full Confidence

The QRX235 with QIFB gives you a total confidence loop, it receives audio and timecode then sends it right back.

Seeing is Believing

Ultra bright multi-colored side mounted LED's gives you visual conformation that RF and audio are making it to the camera.

QRX235 is successor to the QRX100 boasting significantly enhanced distance and range.

Three key components give QRX235 its enhanced distance / range:

QRX235 receives up to 4 channels of 100% digital audio from up to 2 transmitters, any combination of mono and stereo transmitters is accepted.  The audio output can be either analog or AES.  It also features our patented side mounted LED’s, these provide visual confirmation of audio and RF reception. The LED’s are very bright and are visible with the QRX235 mounted in its Zaxcom camera mount even in bright sunlight.

The ZaxNet QIFB is standard in the QRX235 – The QIFB allows you to send or receive ZaxNet audio and timecode, as well as TRX commands from your QRX235.

If you’ve got QIFB be sure to check out ZaxMote.



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