Digital Wireless


TRX743 TRX743 A plug-on like no other TRXCL3 TRXCL3 wide-band camera link transmitter TRXFB3 TRXFB3 Slim Down TRXLA3 TRXLA3 the future of wireless is here ZMT3 ZMT3 Never let size limit you


BlueFin 2.5 BlueFin 2 Antenna Ultra Low SWR Transmitter / Receiver Antenna BlueFin Antenna BlueFin Antenna Extend your reach MicPlexer 2 MicPlexer 2 Refined Distribution RX-4 with MRX414 RX-4 – MRX Module Interface ZaxMote ZaxMote App Remote control


ERX3TCD ERX3TCD your set in sync MRX214 MRX214 more range, less power MRX414 MRX414 4 Channel of Audio from 4 Separate Transmitters QRX200 QRX200 ultimate receiver flexibility QRX235 QRX235 Your sound amplified

ZaxNet IFB

ERX3TCD ERX3TCD your set in sync IFB200 IFB200 Built-in Recording
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