Digital Wireless


TRX743 TRX743 A plug-on like no other TRXCL3 TRXCL3 wide-band camera link transmitter TRXFB3 TRXFB3 Slim Down TRXLA3 TRXLA3 the future of wireless is here ZMT3 ZMT3 Never let size limit you


ERX3TCD ERX3TCD your set in sync QRX200 QRX200 ultimate receiver flexibility QRX235 QRX235 Your sound amplified RX-12 RX-12 Streamlined reception RX-12R RX-12R Masterful Reception


BlueFin Antenna BlueFin Antenna Extend your reach MicPlexer 2 MicPlexer 2 Refined Distribution ZaxMote ZaxMote App Remote control

ZaxNet IFB

ERX3TCD ERX3TCD your set in sync IFB200 IFB200 Built-in Recording
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