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An Auto-Mixer is a gated mixer that when enabled, and a speaker starts to talk, will automatically open that microphone and add it to the mix. Then when a speaker stops talking that microphone will be attenuated “closed” and essentially be removed from the mix.

Removing unused microphones will result in a lower noise floor giving you a cleaner, better sounding mix without having to manually ride the faders. Manually riding faders in unscripted dialog often results in missing the start of when a person begins to speak.

The Zaxcom Auto-Mixer has no limit on the number of microphones that can be active at one time. The Zaxcom Auto-Mixer also has a last microphone on feature; this means that even if no one is speaking there will always be one microphone included in the mix, which will be the last active microphone. The last mic on feature allows the mix to never go to absolute silence


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